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Large Truck Accidents

Drivers of commercial vehicles, specifically 18-wheelers, are supposed to take great care in the operation of their vehicles. Trucking companies and commercial truck drivers are regulated by state and federal laws regarding the safe operation of large trucks which carry heavy cargo. 18 wheelers traveling at high speeds among smaller automobiles can create dangerous circumstances on the roadway when they are improperly operated.

Obviously due to the size and weight of commercial trucks and 18-wheelers in particular, serious injury or even death can result from an accident involving these vehicles. If you have been injured due to an accident involving a commercial vehicle or if a loved one was killed as a result of an accident involving a commercial vehicle, D. W. Scott Law LLC would like to hear from you.

Car Accidents

Every day millions of drivers take to the roadways and, in doing so, run the risk of being injured in an automobile accident. Despite your best efforts to drive safely, you may not be able to avoid being involved in an accident. 

If you have been injured in an automobile wreck because of the negligent and irresponsible acts of another driver, you may be entitled to recover money from the other driver’s insurance company and in some cases you may be able to receive compensation from your own insurer. Obtaining the money you deserve can be difficult if you try to take on insurance companies on your own. If you’ve been injured in a traffic related accident, contact D. W. Scott Law LLC to help you get through the legal process of getting the justice you deserve.

Wrongful Death

There is perhaps nothing more difficult than dealing with the death of a loved one. It is especially difficult when the death of someone you loved was caused because of the carelessness of someone else. Often times, deaths are wrongfully caused by negligence involving automobile and trucking accidents and dangerous defective products but may also be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals and nursing home neglect and abuse. Under Alabama law, wrongful death damages are entirely punitive. That is, damages for the death of a loved one caused by the negligence of another are imposed in the interest of the preservation of human life and as a deterrent to others so as to prevent similar wrongful deaths in the future.

If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, please contact D. W. Scott Law LLC for a free consultation. Attorney David W. Scott will help you navigate the process of obtaining the maximum amount of punitive damages to compensate you for the loss of your loved one.

Uninsured Motorists

Every day millions of drivers take to the road in vehicles that are not covered by liability insurance. If you have been injured by an uninsured driver, recovering compensation for your injuries could be challenging. D. W. Scott is experienced at handling uninsured motorist injury claims. Contact D. W. Scott today to see if you qualify for compensation under an uninsured motorist claim. 

Premises Liability

A property owner has the general duty to keep his or her property safe to others who visit the property. In order to prevail in a premises liability case, you must show that the property was unreasonably dangerous and that the owner was aware, or at least should have been aware, of the dangerous condition. Legally, the burden of proof is on you, the victim. It can be difficult to prevail in these types of cases. However, modern technology may aid you in gathering the evidence needed to be successful.

If you are injured due to dangerous property conditions, it is important that you document the dangerous condition immediately by taking photos or recording video of the condition. Depending on whether you own a cellular phone and what type of cellular phone you own, you may be able to capture photos or video evidence with your cellular phone. Also, it is important to gather information from witnesses if there are any. Contact D. W. Scott Law LLC for a consultation so that your potential premises liability case can be evaluated.

Defective Products

Sometimes unsafe products make it to the market and as a result, individuals who use the dangerous products may suffer injuries or, in some instances, may die. If you are concerned that your injury may have been caused by a defective product or if you believe a family member’s death was caused by a defective product, give D. W. Scott Law LLC a call today.

On-The-Job Injuries

Receiving compensation for an injury sustained on the job can be critical in terms of being able to continue to support yourself and your family. Medical expenses can pile up quickly and you may be unable to cover the costs because they are simply too expensive and you may be unable to work.

Alabama law provides that you should be compensated for your on-the-job injury. Don’t be afraid to get the compensation you need and deserve. Regardless of whether you have suffered a temporary partial, temporary total, permanent partial or permanent total disability, please contact D. W. Scott Law LLC for a consultation regarding your work related injury.


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Since 2013 D. W. Scott has helped recover millions of dollars on behalf of injured individuals and on behalf of family members whose loved ones perished due to the negligence of others. From large trucking accidents to premises liability claims, D. W. is dedicated to taking on large insurance companies to get the justice that his clients deserve. He has represented individuals across the state of Alabama as well as individuals from Michigan, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Illinois who were injured in Alabama. 
A native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, D. W. is a graduate of the University of Alabama and the University of Arkansas – Little Rock Bowen School of Law. He currently resides in Birmingham, with his wife, Melanie, and their French Bulldog, Winston. 



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